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The Definitive Program on Feeding

and Teaching Raw Pet Food

Pet parents, educators, pet stores, trainers, professionals, and veterinarians, welcome! Dr. Billinghurst has created this wonderfully fun and comprehensive program to teach you everything he knows.  Yes, everything.  And he takes his students questions each month, LIVE.

Become your dog and cat's hero

Go from preschool to PhD in DIY raw dog and cat food preparation. You will have fun learning alongside the "father of raw feeding" himself.

Learn from the Master - the “Teacher of the Teachers”

Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Judy Morgan, Dr. Steve Marsden, Dr. Nick Thompson, Dr. Conor Brady and many more have publicly credited Dr. Billinghurst as the pioneer of the raw food movement and teaching them how to feed raw.  You may also know him as the creator of the "BARF" diet (or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet) and the author of four best selling books on dog and cat nutrition, including "Give Your Dog A Bone" written 30 years ago.  In fact, he’s considered the first pet nutrition expert.  Well now you can learn from the best.  

Become Certified

Nutrition is the basis of all good health.  Learn from the "father of raw" and build a career helping animals get and stay healthy today.  Your one time investment will also give you access to exclusive to programs provided by the finest minds in pet health today.  

Your certification will allow you to consult with supreme confidence and expertise.  We will market you as our certified practitioner in your area.


This Program is Unrivaled

It represents excellence in education and certification for anyone wishing to master and share Dr. Billinghurst's teachings and share the raw with their animals and the world. 

This is His Ultimate Masterpiece Course

Dr. Billinghurst has created over 30 hours of vitally important content for you in this masterpiece.  Go at your own pace as time allows.  You will also have access to him personally twice a month as a member to ask your questions!  Join us inside with your first name and email.  Welcome to!

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